by Osiris Saline

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An experimental gothic glam rock album made through surgery, poverty, illness, and coming to terms with the kindness & evils of those you know, those you don't, and those you hear about. From me, to you, to deities, to the world as we know it...

All purchases & downloads include 6 bonus tracks (21 tracks in total), a printable cover sleeve (front & back print), alternate versions of the front cover painting, and a set of lyric sheets.


released August 26, 2016

Instruments/Vocals/Production/Composing: Saline
Piano & Flute on Symphonies of Trust: Lauren C
Cover Painting: Monika Burtniece



all rights reserved


Osiris Saline Brisbane, Australia

Composer & European insomniac garage goth multi-instrumentalist vampire.

I put the concert into disconcerting.

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Track Name: Chemical Bride
Am I too beautiful
Or is it too dark to see
Am I what you want
Or is it complacency

Sell me
What you want to be

Broken down doors
Spill it on floors
Huffed it with pride
I'm your chemical bride

Am I too honest
Or are you too expectant
Am I too sensitive
Or is it what you meant

Sell me
What you want to be

Broken down doors
Spill it on floors
Huff it with pride
I'm your chemical bride

No way to reply
Perceptions have lied
No will to reply
With sunken goodbyes

Locked down over you
Pinned through and through
Stigmata's sinking in
To your chemical twin

Broken stairwells
Fall in farewells
Sink to swim time
Drinking reasons to rhyme

Am I long term
Or are you waiting for better
Am I just a crutch
You treat me like I'm never enough
Am I what you wanted
I'm never the first thought
I give you everything
Am I just a way out?

Broken down doors
Spill it on floors
Huff it with pride
I'm your chemical bride

Broken stairwells
Fall in farewells
Sink to swim time
Drinking reasons to rhyme
Track Name: Sinking Swans
Weight loss comes easily as far as you can see
25 pounds or more, the thyroid's bust and out the door
"No single diet today", poverty had this to say
I'm still getting slim, I'm perfect when trim

I'm the graceful swan
Played by rule of thumb
I drink, I do, I'm perma-numb

I'm the greatest sight
The heart pounds in it's cage
You peak, you poke, the IV drains -ha, oh-

I'm the gracious one
Sold to everyone
I drink, I sink, I'm ever-wrong

I'm the greatest sight
The liver drowned in my rage
I peaked, you poked, the coroner's arranged
Track Name: We're Still Here
Sold myself all through
Here, there, abandonware
I'm toxic, on top of the world
A ballerina with toes curled
Losing flow to keep shape
Losing sleep to see your face
Braced and nude I withdrew
Sold myself all for you

Woke up in star light
Strungover, I've been spiked
We are still here

10 dollars left, now 5, now 2
You swore on my life that the prediction was true
But I'm still here, choked on your blood
Those iron supplements sure did some good
You gave me your veins, I longed for your hugs
The high pipe dream ran out of steam
Now an ape on my shoulder, we should have ran
We're out of our minds, our own biggest fans

Rolling down the hill
Not conscious, still too ill
To put on the brakes, my body shakes
I bathed in three oceans and drowned in your lake
Brought to surface and born to the sun
The new burn touched nerves we had won
Numbed it again, and in these hands
We are still here
Track Name: KMKUltra
Now Mary was unhappy with the life that they built
Was under the skin that's over the door

Served for two with names attached

Honed in the abattoir, now it's gone too far
Chased out of bed, now without head

Mary was a little lamb, stronger than any man

A little under overdose
A late night withdrawal
No explanation in voice or prose
The friends knew who to call

Now Mary was unhappy with the life that they built
Track Name: Huff the Onstage Surrealist
Wire every mistake
All that you made
Stranded in time

Timid spirits of vengeance
Look to remove you
From your own mind

Breathe in the fumes
Stitch your life with pantomime

Dames running to the script
Taking every inch
Pushing from behind

Plead to the audience shoes
Amidst the gasps and the laughter

Now swallow your pride
Hid behind dying eyes

Wear the mask that you made
Of all the depraved
Wills left inside

Open, oh you'll call for some action
Are we the main attraction
Lighting rigged, are you insane

Lost in space, this empty space
The theatre of cruelty

Open now you call for some action
You're the main attraction
I'm hung, but you're in frame
Track Name: Quality vs. Quantity
When I was at home and you were alone
Ringing triple digits on the telephone
I blended in time with painkillers and wine
Time travels easy when you follow the light

With emptiness and antisocial graces
Lost therapy in nowhere places

When you're calling back with triggered panic attacks
Devil's on a shoulder with wrinkles a year older
Now you're the beholder and you've start to solder
Another suicide pact in the fabric of time

With emptiness and antisocial graces
Lost therapy in nowhere places
Emptiness in antisocial places
Lost to triple sided faces

Stop ringing
Stop healing
I've been around for 5 centuries
Living on obsessive tendencies
Track Name: Symphonies of Trust
Fangs bared
Chewed into the fat and what became of that
Nails snap
Greyed lips on my corpse and that is not enough

Fine wine for you
From me
Freedom again
Will see

Tell me what is yours and I will stand on fours
Came up from the dirt and married me with hurt

Choke back joy
Of love
Symphonies of trust
Will fall

Trails track through the ether
Dug through the storm born floor
Into the veins and all beyond
Traced back from the edges
Where attachments dare not wander
Wounds as name-tags

Take heed
Make me what is yours and I will stand on fours
Let go
Leashless and loose, and set free with abuse

Your smile
Seen for miles
Your glanced past

All your words
Have gone
All the wings have lost
The wind
Track Name: Auf Wiedersehen
How much hate did you consummate
From standing on the sidelines hand in hand with the Blairites
The euphemism is truth
Sold by London media that couldn't be seedier

England will host
The seething fascist's boast
The MPs disagree?
Well they handed the vote to the majority!

Representative democracy? What happened to the meritocracy?
You fuelled the hate up to this date put the blame on working classes for Upper Class hate

Scotland's independence was denied
As Thatcherites & Blairites agreed to lie
Now Scotland want their EU back
Away from peers that pulled such crap
Track Name: Rinse & Repeat
They put something in
That won't come out

Surgeries and ceremonies
Now it pulses

That was hate!
It lived here!
Beaten down
Like yesteryear

They sold it instantly
But it wouldn't separate
Cells consumed, sickness loomed
Now it waits to write

This was love!
This was here!
With every sneer

They pulled something out
That wouldn't stop beating
A shell, a heart, fell apart
Now it's fossilized

This was you!
This was here!
Lashed out
With every fear

They tied it together
Light as bones of feather
A shallow breeding ground
Seeping, leaking

Sing sing
Rinse & repeat
Track Name: Positive
The fear of blood is natural
Infection springs instead of wisdom

Bit lips, forgotten nights, shared tears

Keep yourself clean
Keep yourself sane
Keep yourself alive
For another day

People can change overnight
When held in this environment

No one speaks about the danger

Fear grows along with anxiety
When told to head to a center

No one speaks much after

Wearing memories on my scars
Of friends less less fortunate than me

Keep yourself clean
Keep yourself sane
Keep yourself alive
Keep yourselves fine
Track Name: Last Cigarette on a Tuesday
Last cigarette on a Tuesday
Rain puts out the light
Public wanders by
Never had to think twice

Call your friends for the last time
Tell them what you've seen
Oceans & oil
In every magazine

Tired eyes from hours
Bruises on these hips
From teeth that bit down
Like last night's turned tricks

Waited for your love
Waited for your time
Waited for those reasons
Waited for that crime

Waited here for years
Burnt the feeling away
Nicotine & torn work shirts
Time to blow away

Call your friends for the last time
Tell them what you've seen
Blood and split condoms
On every single seam

Call your friends for the last time
Tell them what you've seen
Tired eyes for hours
Passed out on the scene
Track Name: Playing God(ot)
Woke up split apart
From all your opportunities

Take me to the place
Where you severed love
Took my part with pride
And smiled at your monster

Alone with you
Give me a name
I'm not your monster
I'm just a wounded loveless
Example of existence for you

Made me someone who will feel
The same painful terms
Of loss when dreams
Turn to glares and screams

You made this beautiful monster
To share all the pain and all of the love we've lost
To people and the lawless social engineering
In all of our lives we're stitched
Stuck on the violence of the fear that others feel for us
They won't leave us alone
Track Name: Fingers Slowly Peeling
Cutting the rope
Stared as they dropped
Taking the provision
Engineered indecision

Climbed past the lust
Of a friendship gone awry
Trusted in too many
And let them fade with time

Broke all those hearts
And lied with the truth
Stood upon promise
And destroyed the gracious group

Held on to tendons
Of the lost & the drunk
Perched on ivory tower
As others clawed then sunk

I was the gargoyle of the isolated martyr
Waited for time to match the worth of oxygen
Wasted away to hope and the purity of pestilence
And starved on the notion of lost relevance

Clung to the torture of repressed notions
And sank into the dialogue of wayward ghosts
The colleagues I'd left to hang for the wolves
Witnessed me on the hillside and the hunt began

And climb and fall and climb and fall
Fingers slowly peeling, I climb and fall